Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Snippets For Today

It has been months since I left the last poem on this blog.  I guess that at the time I began posting, I didn't realize that I'd bitten off more than I could chew.  I have always had a difficult time balancing every aspect of my life, and it's sort of been an "all or nothing" thing with me.  I had to back away until I got some perspective and more understanding about exactly what I want in life.  Not that I've had a great "ah-ha" experience, but I do have a little more insight.  You would think that a 50+ year old would have it together, but I have learned that being grounded is something that even some 70 year-olds are still struggling with.

Although I've shared verses with you in the past, I've not told you much about who I am.  Starting today, and with each new post, I will begin telling you a little about myself and sharing more poems as I feel led.

Even though I remember playing either alone or with my friends, I mostly remember having my nose stuck in one book or another.  As a child of the 60's with death and war splattered across the TV screen and newspapers, Civil Rights marches and political assassinations, the Manson family made the biggest impact.  I read and watched everything that I could about them (and yes, I was reading newspapers and magazines at a pretty young age), almost to the point of obsession, okay - I was obsessed.  From these senseless murders, my fascination with serial killers and all things evil began.

I was a voracious reader (I still am at times when health permits, but that's for another blog).  I read biographies, history, all sorts of fiction (no erotica and I'm not really that fond of sci-fi) and non-fiction, but my lifelong quest of trying to understand evil had begun before the age of ten.  Because of this, I've probably read more books on crime and  psychology than any other genre. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how much I read, how many well made documentaries that I watch, I will never fully understand it. I believe that there's a capacity for evil inside each of us, and we all have a choice.  I realize that that's a somewhat simplistic view, but that is what it boils down to -


  1. Welcome back! ☺ That genre was also something I started reading at an early age, but, mostly the fictional variety, like Agatha Christie, Ed Bain, etc. Some of the most fascinating books I read in later life were true crime stories though. I believe people are either inherently evil or inherently good, but there could be a little of both in everyone. Can't imagine you could ever be or even think evil, Linda.

    1. I have read everything that Patricia Cornwell and Sue Grafton have written, with loads of Lee Child and Jeffrey Deaver thrown in the mix, but true crime has been a passion. I don't believe that people are inherently good, I know that I'm not. We are all capable of evil in one way or the other whether it's through gossip, losing our tempers and lashing out, lying (even "little white lies"), or greed. I do suppose that my belief system has a lot to do with my viewpoint, but it's evident all around. We aren't perfect, as much as we can want to be, and as much as we strive to be. But no, Debbie, I have no desire to murder anyone, LOL..

    2. Nobody's perfect of course, but I wouldn't categorize things like gossip, losing your temper or telling little white lies as "Evil". Murder, rape, torture, greed - those things are evil for sure, IMO.