Friday, October 31, 2014

A Halloween Post - Aliens, Zombies, and the Book of Revelation

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Sanctuary is another winner from the pen of Pauline Creeden. With aliens, zombies, the apocalypse, and faith all rolled together in a masterfully written read, you can't go wrong with this book, even if you are like me, a not-so sci-fi fan.

Jennie Ransom, a sophomore in college has been told by her parents that she can't go back to school this year, due to alien spacecrafts hovering all over the country. Jennie's reaction to the news of having to go to the community college instead is that of an immature teenager. She whines, she complains - but as she loves her parents, she does obey them. When the doors of the spacecrafts finally open, I know that she's glad that she listened to them.

Jennie's mother, who was outside in the garden at the time (despite the below normal temperatures and the impeded amount of sunlight since the aliens came), was viciously attacked by the aliens (someone at the tv station called them Shisa) - lion/dog-like creatures that were extremely fast. Taken to the hospital by her husband, Jennie and her young brother Mickey, stayed at home and waited, barring doors and windows from the creatures. Jennie, terrified and knowing that she was now responsible not only for herself, but for Mickey, she turns toward the Bible, and the faith that she was raised in. Jennie was on her way to maturity, however forced it was.

Making their way to the church where Pastor Crawford and his wife were was a treacherous journey. Her father, Jack, had himself been bitten by this time. Out of food, watching those who had been infected by the Shisas turn into zombie-like creatures who also wanted to bite others, Jennie raced to the sanctuary. Once there, the decision had been made to get to Fort Monroe via the church bus. There were many survivors at the church with more pouring in daily. It was there that she met Brad and later his brother, Hugh, who she had known as a biology teacher at her former high school. Her brother Mickey was more discerning than Jennie was when it came to goodness and integrity. She was momentarily blinded by beauty and charm. This was the first hint of a romance for Jennie in this story.

Pauline Creeden shows what true faith looks like - not faith in yourself, a preacher, or a denomination, but faith in the Word of God - the Holy Bible. This plays a pivotal role in Jennie's survival. It also may provoke one to take a look into their own faith, and exactly what they believe.

If you want to know what happened next, you must get the book. No matter the price, it is a wonderful read that you won't want to put down. It is easily one of the best books that I have read this year.

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