Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Having A Blast With "Chronicles of Steele: Raven"!

Having A Blast With "Chronicles of Steele:  Raven"!

I love books - books of all genres, but most of all I love discovering authors that I can place on my own "favorites" list.  I have found a winner in Pauline Creeden.
I have read non-fiction books by this author, and thought they were well-written but there was no immediate "click" - that is until I read Chronicles of Steele:  Raven.  
This steampunk fantasy book has just been released - today - as a complete book.  I read this originally in a four episode format, and it was one of those "read at one sitting" tales.


Well-written and well-edited, this book is about Raven, a Reaper.  Contacted by the sickly heir to the throne, Raven was charged with the protection of Darius, the youngest of the Duke's sons, who the Duke wanted dead.  Darius was tormented by seizures (generally brought on by fear and stress), which cause explosions when he was near any mechanical horses, automatons, artificial limbs, etc.  There was a slight possibility of a cure - at least that was the rumor - but it would mean contacting the Wood Witch, who was as out of favor with the Duke as Reapers were.
 As a Reaper, Raven's mantra was that for every person reaped, another soul must be redeemed.  Following this belief to the letter kept Raven from settling down with her childhood love, something that she desperately wanted.  Danger and adventure followed Raven and Darius throughout their journey and avoiding the Duke's guards  was something that she must do in order to complete her mission.
Was Raven successful?  Did she even the score enough to marry her sweetheart, or was she too late?  Was Darius saved from the man who wanted to destroy his own son?  Why did he hate Darius so much?  Buy the book and find out!  This is a book for any age - appropriate language for both children and adults and the romance that's woven is sweet.

As today is the release of the book with an event (https://www.facebook.com/events/714108295348028/?sid_reminder=778062638822195200), and so close to Halloween, I decided to have some fun and dress the part of a reaper.  With knives, poisons, and a gun, I am set!  My headlamp has night vision, so as not to alert the enemy.  One is never too old for fantasy!     

My copy of Chronicles of Steele:  Raven on my Kindle
Poisons at the ready!

Well armed with a dagger and gun

Grabbing for knife, with dagger in hand

Mission accomplished!

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