Friday, October 31, 2014

A Halloween Post - Aliens, Zombies, and the Book of Revelation

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Sanctuary is another winner from the pen of Pauline Creeden. With aliens, zombies, the apocalypse, and faith all rolled together in a masterfully written read, you can't go wrong with this book, even if you are like me, a not-so sci-fi fan.

Jennie Ransom, a sophomore in college has been told by her parents that she can't go back to school this year, due to alien spacecrafts hovering all over the country. Jennie's reaction to the news of having to go to the community college instead is that of an immature teenager. She whines, she complains - but as she loves her parents, she does obey them. When the doors of the spacecrafts finally open, I know that she's glad that she listened to them.

Jennie's mother, who was outside in the garden at the time (despite the below normal temperatures and the impeded amount of sunlight since the aliens came), was viciously attacked by the aliens (someone at the tv station called them Shisa) - lion/dog-like creatures that were extremely fast. Taken to the hospital by her husband, Jennie and her young brother Mickey, stayed at home and waited, barring doors and windows from the creatures. Jennie, terrified and knowing that she was now responsible not only for herself, but for Mickey, she turns toward the Bible, and the faith that she was raised in. Jennie was on her way to maturity, however forced it was.

Making their way to the church where Pastor Crawford and his wife were was a treacherous journey. Her father, Jack, had himself been bitten by this time. Out of food, watching those who had been infected by the Shisas turn into zombie-like creatures who also wanted to bite others, Jennie raced to the sanctuary. Once there, the decision had been made to get to Fort Monroe via the church bus. There were many survivors at the church with more pouring in daily. It was there that she met Brad and later his brother, Hugh, who she had known as a biology teacher at her former high school. Her brother Mickey was more discerning than Jennie was when it came to goodness and integrity. She was momentarily blinded by beauty and charm. This was the first hint of a romance for Jennie in this story.

Pauline Creeden shows what true faith looks like - not faith in yourself, a preacher, or a denomination, but faith in the Word of God - the Holy Bible. This plays a pivotal role in Jennie's survival. It also may provoke one to take a look into their own faith, and exactly what they believe.

If you want to know what happened next, you must get the book. No matter the price, it is a wonderful read that you won't want to put down. It is easily one of the best books that I have read this year.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Having A Blast With "Chronicles of Steele: Raven"!

Having A Blast With "Chronicles of Steele:  Raven"!

I love books - books of all genres, but most of all I love discovering authors that I can place on my own "favorites" list.  I have found a winner in Pauline Creeden.
I have read non-fiction books by this author, and thought they were well-written but there was no immediate "click" - that is until I read Chronicles of Steele:  Raven.  
This steampunk fantasy book has just been released - today - as a complete book.  I read this originally in a four episode format, and it was one of those "read at one sitting" tales.

Well-written and well-edited, this book is about Raven, a Reaper.  Contacted by the sickly heir to the throne, Raven was charged with the protection of Darius, the youngest of the Duke's sons, who the Duke wanted dead.  Darius was tormented by seizures (generally brought on by fear and stress), which cause explosions when he was near any mechanical horses, automatons, artificial limbs, etc.  There was a slight possibility of a cure - at least that was the rumor - but it would mean contacting the Wood Witch, who was as out of favor with the Duke as Reapers were.
 As a Reaper, Raven's mantra was that for every person reaped, another soul must be redeemed.  Following this belief to the letter kept Raven from settling down with her childhood love, something that she desperately wanted.  Danger and adventure followed Raven and Darius throughout their journey and avoiding the Duke's guards  was something that she must do in order to complete her mission.
Was Raven successful?  Did she even the score enough to marry her sweetheart, or was she too late?  Was Darius saved from the man who wanted to destroy his own son?  Why did he hate Darius so much?  Buy the book and find out!  This is a book for any age - appropriate language for both children and adults and the romance that's woven is sweet.

As today is the release of the book with an event (, and so close to Halloween, I decided to have some fun and dress the part of a reaper.  With knives, poisons, and a gun, I am set!  My headlamp has night vision, so as not to alert the enemy.  One is never too old for fantasy!     

My copy of Chronicles of Steele:  Raven on my Kindle
Poisons at the ready!

Well armed with a dagger and gun

Grabbing for knife, with dagger in hand

Mission accomplished!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Inconvenient Truth

I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia after being rear-ended while stopped in traffic.  My Honda CRV was basically totaled.  Although I tried to return to work as a medical records clerk, I was unable to do so.  I had experienced many of the "peripheral" problems associated with fibro over the years - plantar faciitis, migraines, TMJ, etc., but it was after that October 2006 collision that I finally learned the truth.
It is an inconvenient truth that I will live with the rest of my life.  Although I am a believer in the healing power of God, I also believe that sometimes we must bear the burdens of our illnesses.  I know that - through the power of prayer and a relationship with Jesus - I can endure this, and that unless He changes His mind, I will HAVE to endure this.

Nevertheless, it is a powerful burden to live with.  Most people don't understand the extreme exhaustion, the unending pain, and the horrific "flares" that come with this disease.  Many think that we are lazy, self-centered, unsociable, drug seekers and hypochondriacs.  This could not be farther from the truth. We learn to take each hour, each day, as it comes.  We eventually learn not to make plans or promises, because we don't know how bad the pain and exhaustion will be on any given day. There is a wonderful story called:  The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino that is very appropriate.   I would suggest that everyone read this if interested in learning about friends and loved ones who suffer from fibro.

It is difficult to do what we really want to do when there's so much that must be done - things that many people take for granted.  How difficult is it to sweep, wash dishes, or cook a meal?  For many of us, just doing these few things will wipe us out for the day.  With the pain and the exhaustion often comes "fibro fog". Sometimes people with fibro can't concentrate enough to read, forget how to spell or speak in coherent sentences.  Often we forget words.  When it happens the first time, it's terrifying.  Eventually we learn the triggers - stress, overwork, and increased pain levels.

I love writing poems.  I enjoy reading books and reviewing them. I started blogging in an attempt to get back to writing - poetry, reviews, experiences - anything. However, I've realized that I must pick and choose what I want and need to do on any given day. Feeling guilty about not getting everything accomplished is no longer an option for me. That only makes things worse.  

If you have fibro, ease up on yourself.  Push yourself of course, but at the same time, cut yourself some slack. You can still do it.  It may take you much longer, but don't give up. If you don't have fibromyalgia, learn about it.  There is no known cure, but it can be managed somewhat.  Read the Spoon Theory and think about each of your daily "spoons", then maybe you can understand.

Friday, August 29, 2014

There Is A Time For Everything 

A time to cook, a time to clean
A time to sit, a time to lean
A time for playing with the dog
A time to sleep like a forest's log
A time to read that newest book
A time to sweep in every nook
A time to hear, a time to talk
A time for slow mountainous walk
A time for joy in each sunrise
A time for tears - no prying eyes
A time to stare up at the stars
A time to heal from all the scars
A time to question everything
A time to accept what life brings
A time to spew out all those words
A time for those thoughts to be heard
A time to sew, a time to craft
A time to rewrite that first draft
A time to cuddle and hold hands
A time alone, this I demand
A time of worship and of praise
A time of prayer throughout each day
A time to reflect and review
A time to wipe the slate anew
A time to regret and release
A time to forgive and have peace
A time to dream, a time to dance
A time for recovery, perchance
A time for each season of life
A time to let go of all strife
A time to grasp each day with glee
A time to savor all I see

For I am not promised another day
No, I'm not promised another day...

copyright Linda Whitehead Humbert 8/29/2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Snippets For Today

It has been months since I left the last poem on this blog.  I guess that at the time I began posting, I didn't realize that I'd bitten off more than I could chew.  I have always had a difficult time balancing every aspect of my life, and it's sort of been an "all or nothing" thing with me.  I had to back away until I got some perspective and more understanding about exactly what I want in life.  Not that I've had a great "ah-ha" experience, but I do have a little more insight.  You would think that a 50+ year old would have it together, but I have learned that being grounded is something that even some 70 year-olds are still struggling with.

Although I've shared verses with you in the past, I've not told you much about who I am.  Starting today, and with each new post, I will begin telling you a little about myself and sharing more poems as I feel led.

Even though I remember playing either alone or with my friends, I mostly remember having my nose stuck in one book or another.  As a child of the 60's with death and war splattered across the TV screen and newspapers, Civil Rights marches and political assassinations, the Manson family made the biggest impact.  I read and watched everything that I could about them (and yes, I was reading newspapers and magazines at a pretty young age), almost to the point of obsession, okay - I was obsessed.  From these senseless murders, my fascination with serial killers and all things evil began.

I was a voracious reader (I still am at times when health permits, but that's for another blog).  I read biographies, history, all sorts of fiction (no erotica and I'm not really that fond of sci-fi) and non-fiction, but my lifelong quest of trying to understand evil had begun before the age of ten.  Because of this, I've probably read more books on crime and  psychology than any other genre. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how much I read, how many well made documentaries that I watch, I will never fully understand it. I believe that there's a capacity for evil inside each of us, and we all have a choice.  I realize that that's a somewhat simplistic view, but that is what it boils down to -

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Heart Wasted

This fragile heart withholds itself -
It never completely surrenders.
The icy fear of rejection
And searing pain is what hinders.

What once was always expanding,
Has become hardened and scarred.
Those abusive years took it's toll -
That perfect beauty now marred.

It didn't happen overnight -
Took half my life to do it.
I wish I could go back in time,
Change my beliefs and redo it.

But choices made can't be undone,
Nor lies I once believed as truth.
The mold has set, the die is cast,
Can only chalk it up to youth.

copyright Linda Whitehead Humbert 4/26/2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Blissfully soaking
In the warmth of the sun -
Light breeze is stirring,
The day has begun.

On porch with coffee,
My notebook and pen,
A new day's dawning -
Let the fun begin!

Morning time's savored -
Thank God for each day.
Can hurry later,
First take time to pray.

Inner peace is gained
By quiet solitude
And prayers to heaven -
That's what sees me through.

Yearning for quiet
To ponder and plan - 
If I don't have this,
Day gets out of hand.

Filled with thankfulness -
I know that I'm blessed.
Now time to work -
God handles the rest.

copyright Linda Whitehead Humbert 4/24/2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marriage and Servitude

Veins are opened - 
Blood is pumping!
Words and feelings
To paper jumping!

Time of essense -
There's none to spare!
Running, going - 
Verses are rare.

Marching orders
Now more to do!
Less time for self,
Less time for muse.

Voices screaming,
About to burst -
Head's exploding!
Journal thirsts.

Words and verses
Yearn for freedom
From their prison
In other's kingdom.

Linda Whitehead Humbert 4/17/2014 copyright

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"A Frugal Life" by Rhiana Jones is a book for those who wish to downsize, save money, and live more simply.  Rhiana tells of her own life experiences, and this woman has so much energy, that I do envy her (yes, I realize that I should not envy, but be content in all circumstances).

Sacrifice is called for in one form or another, but with sacrifice comes joy, less chaos and more peace, as well as having the funds to purchase what you really want.  Some of the suggestions my husband and I already do - Netflix instead of cable, thrift store clothing, farmer's markets when we can, much less junk/processed foods, and gardening.  I didn't realize just how beneficial that Amazon Prime would be to have, but until we get some laptops, that will be put on the back burner.  As both my husband and I are disabled, we do save money on vehicles - we've cut back long ago to having only one.  I can drive, but I don't know how smart it would be to have me behind the wheel on most days!  We bathe and shear out little shih-tzu, Scruffy, ourselves and do his nails - no, it's not dog show quality, but he's still adorable!  I am picky about his dog food, and Miss Kitty-Katrina's too, because they both have a tendency to overeat, as they were both starving rescues.
The author offers common sense advise which is something that alot of us can't see - even when it's right in front of us.  I love this book, and I will keep it on my kindle to look back and reread from time to time.  She introduced me to for which I will be forever grateful!  When we went to antenna from U-verse, I lost my military channel, but now I can watch World War II in bed - I love the military channel, I know, for a girl I'm pretty strange!
Get this book - everyone!  Yes, I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  I love it - there's no other word!

Friday, April 11, 2014

On today's menu is a serving of "Foresight", part one of the "Guarded Secrets" series by Erika M. Szabo.

To say that I love this book is an understatement - the story hooked me and hasn't let me go since I first read it! I have seen it labeled as a paranormal romance, but these tags don't give it the justice that this book, or the series, deserves.
Ilona is a Hun, who is a gifted doctor. On her 29th birthday, she "comes of age" as a Hun, discovering the truth about who she is and her true "calling". Up to this age, her somewhat secret romantic interest has been her best friend, but he hasn't returned those feelings.  She meets Zoltan, a new hire at her hospital.  Sparks fly and her life gets very, very interesting!  Adventures and time travel awaits as she learned just who she is destined to become.
For many, this is what they reap from the book, a great story with romance and adventure, but for me, Ilona's coming of age was her true beginning. I see "Foresight", as well as "Acceptance" as being about a young woman that still has issues with self-esteem, blossoming into a woman who is a "goddess", if you will, full of power, accepting her destiny, and yet never allowing herself to become corrupted. I see this book primarily as a woman's story, with a smidge of romance and fantasy.  I recommend this to everyone who enjoys history, mystery, and supernatural powers.  I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I have read and review many of Shelley Hitz's books, but I have enjoyed "A Life of Faith:  21 Days to Overcoming Fear and Doubt" the most. 

Too often, Christians hide behind the veneer of "it's all good" and "too blessed to be depressed".  While it is true that as God's children we are very blessed - in spite of our problems - glossing over them is not leading an authentic life. Why should others be drawn to Christ if we aren't truthful as His representatives?

In this book, Shelley speaks from her own experiences and has included other's trials as well.  I was happily surprised that Cliff Ball, another of my favorite authors, was included.

She leads us step by step through prayers and Bible verses to overcome our doubts and fears, while strengthening our walk with the Savior.  None of this is "magical" - we still have trials and testings, but she leads us to faith to not only endure our circumstances, but to overcome our fears as well.  I strongly recommend this book.  Although I received it as an ARC, this in no way has influenced my review.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Today, in honor of the book event, A Time to Remember, 
I would like to introduce to you, Uvi Poznansky's book "A Favorite Son".

A work of historical fiction based on the story of Esau (Esav) and Jacob (Yankle) in the Old Testament, Ms. Poznansky gives a new twist to an old tale.  She portrays Esav as someone easily duped, and Yankle as the trickster - the cunning man that the Bible calls him in the beginning.  The story, of course is about the birthright, something to be had, to be envied, in a family during those long-ago times.  With each piece of historical fiction, Uvi gives me as a reader, and one who has studied the Holy Scriptures, a feast to chew slowly, to savor, to bring to the light and see something that's often put to the side and glossed over.  As other books that I have reviewed of this author's, I would wholeheartedly recommend this book with no reservations. If you are easily offended by the light the author casts on these Biblical heroes, then don't read this book. If you recognize that these heroes from the Bible are flawed, sinful people as we all are, then by all means, read!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Today I would like to post a long overdue review of Massimo Marino's Daimones.

I'm going about this backwards, you might say.  Other than the blurb on the side, I have not introduced myself.  I will, bear with me, but this author is worth far more of an intro than I will ever be - so I will begin!

The story opens with Dan, a man who is unhappy with the administration at his place of employment.  He is still in love with his wife, Mary, and actively participates in the homeschooling of his daughter, Annah.  Before the end of the day, he has lost his job.  He could never imagine just how much his life would be changed after falling asleep that night. Dan woke to chaos, and the world as he knew it had vanished.  What happened to all of the people? Were they the only survivors?
I did not read this book quickly - rather I savored it. I had to let each bit digest before I could continue, because I didn't want to miss anything.  I have never read a book quite like this one. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Bradford pear and redbud trees
Just beginning to bloom. 
Light breezes and sunshine - 
Screen doors to let air flow through. 

Birds chirping merrily - 
Singing a song for all.
Daffodils lift their heads
To the season's powerful call.

Hammocks strung and set in place,
Firepits shoveled and cleared, 
Freshly manicured lawns - 
Those are the sounds that I hear.

Newly cultivated earth
Prepared for sowing time.
Tomatoes and veggies - ready!
To plant them by the signs.

A pedicure with bright polish, 
Capris and shirts with short-sleeves, 
Add toe rings and flip-flops - 
This is what Spring means to me!

Linda Whitehead Humbert
4/1/2014 copyright