Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Heart Wasted

This fragile heart withholds itself -
It never completely surrenders.
The icy fear of rejection
And searing pain is what hinders.

What once was always expanding,
Has become hardened and scarred.
Those abusive years took it's toll -
That perfect beauty now marred.

It didn't happen overnight -
Took half my life to do it.
I wish I could go back in time,
Change my beliefs and redo it.

But choices made can't be undone,
Nor lies I once believed as truth.
The mold has set, the die is cast,
Can only chalk it up to youth.

copyright Linda Whitehead Humbert 4/26/2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Blissfully soaking
In the warmth of the sun -
Light breeze is stirring,
The day has begun.

On porch with coffee,
My notebook and pen,
A new day's dawning -
Let the fun begin!

Morning time's savored -
Thank God for each day.
Can hurry later,
First take time to pray.

Inner peace is gained
By quiet solitude
And prayers to heaven -
That's what sees me through.

Yearning for quiet
To ponder and plan - 
If I don't have this,
Day gets out of hand.

Filled with thankfulness -
I know that I'm blessed.
Now time to work -
God handles the rest.

copyright Linda Whitehead Humbert 4/24/2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marriage and Servitude

Veins are opened - 
Blood is pumping!
Words and feelings
To paper jumping!

Time of essense -
There's none to spare!
Running, going - 
Verses are rare.

Marching orders
Now more to do!
Less time for self,
Less time for muse.

Voices screaming,
About to burst -
Head's exploding!
Journal thirsts.

Words and verses
Yearn for freedom
From their prison
In other's kingdom.

Linda Whitehead Humbert 4/17/2014 copyright

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"A Frugal Life" by Rhiana Jones is a book for those who wish to downsize, save money, and live more simply.  Rhiana tells of her own life experiences, and this woman has so much energy, that I do envy her (yes, I realize that I should not envy, but be content in all circumstances).

Sacrifice is called for in one form or another, but with sacrifice comes joy, less chaos and more peace, as well as having the funds to purchase what you really want.  Some of the suggestions my husband and I already do - Netflix instead of cable, thrift store clothing, farmer's markets when we can, much less junk/processed foods, and gardening.  I didn't realize just how beneficial that Amazon Prime would be to have, but until we get some laptops, that will be put on the back burner.  As both my husband and I are disabled, we do save money on vehicles - we've cut back long ago to having only one.  I can drive, but I don't know how smart it would be to have me behind the wheel on most days!  We bathe and shear out little shih-tzu, Scruffy, ourselves and do his nails - no, it's not dog show quality, but he's still adorable!  I am picky about his dog food, and Miss Kitty-Katrina's too, because they both have a tendency to overeat, as they were both starving rescues.
The author offers common sense advise which is something that alot of us can't see - even when it's right in front of us.  I love this book, and I will keep it on my kindle to look back and reread from time to time.  She introduced me to for which I will be forever grateful!  When we went to antenna from U-verse, I lost my military channel, but now I can watch World War II in bed - I love the military channel, I know, for a girl I'm pretty strange!
Get this book - everyone!  Yes, I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  I love it - there's no other word!

Friday, April 11, 2014

On today's menu is a serving of "Foresight", part one of the "Guarded Secrets" series by Erika M. Szabo.

To say that I love this book is an understatement - the story hooked me and hasn't let me go since I first read it! I have seen it labeled as a paranormal romance, but these tags don't give it the justice that this book, or the series, deserves.
Ilona is a Hun, who is a gifted doctor. On her 29th birthday, she "comes of age" as a Hun, discovering the truth about who she is and her true "calling". Up to this age, her somewhat secret romantic interest has been her best friend, but he hasn't returned those feelings.  She meets Zoltan, a new hire at her hospital.  Sparks fly and her life gets very, very interesting!  Adventures and time travel awaits as she learned just who she is destined to become.
For many, this is what they reap from the book, a great story with romance and adventure, but for me, Ilona's coming of age was her true beginning. I see "Foresight", as well as "Acceptance" as being about a young woman that still has issues with self-esteem, blossoming into a woman who is a "goddess", if you will, full of power, accepting her destiny, and yet never allowing herself to become corrupted. I see this book primarily as a woman's story, with a smidge of romance and fantasy.  I recommend this to everyone who enjoys history, mystery, and supernatural powers.  I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I have read and review many of Shelley Hitz's books, but I have enjoyed "A Life of Faith:  21 Days to Overcoming Fear and Doubt" the most. 

Too often, Christians hide behind the veneer of "it's all good" and "too blessed to be depressed".  While it is true that as God's children we are very blessed - in spite of our problems - glossing over them is not leading an authentic life. Why should others be drawn to Christ if we aren't truthful as His representatives?

In this book, Shelley speaks from her own experiences and has included other's trials as well.  I was happily surprised that Cliff Ball, another of my favorite authors, was included.

She leads us step by step through prayers and Bible verses to overcome our doubts and fears, while strengthening our walk with the Savior.  None of this is "magical" - we still have trials and testings, but she leads us to faith to not only endure our circumstances, but to overcome our fears as well.  I strongly recommend this book.  Although I received it as an ARC, this in no way has influenced my review.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Today, in honor of the book event, A Time to Remember, 
I would like to introduce to you, Uvi Poznansky's book "A Favorite Son".

A work of historical fiction based on the story of Esau (Esav) and Jacob (Yankle) in the Old Testament, Ms. Poznansky gives a new twist to an old tale.  She portrays Esav as someone easily duped, and Yankle as the trickster - the cunning man that the Bible calls him in the beginning.  The story, of course is about the birthright, something to be had, to be envied, in a family during those long-ago times.  With each piece of historical fiction, Uvi gives me as a reader, and one who has studied the Holy Scriptures, a feast to chew slowly, to savor, to bring to the light and see something that's often put to the side and glossed over.  As other books that I have reviewed of this author's, I would wholeheartedly recommend this book with no reservations. If you are easily offended by the light the author casts on these Biblical heroes, then don't read this book. If you recognize that these heroes from the Bible are flawed, sinful people as we all are, then by all means, read!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Today I would like to post a long overdue review of Massimo Marino's Daimones.

I'm going about this backwards, you might say.  Other than the blurb on the side, I have not introduced myself.  I will, bear with me, but this author is worth far more of an intro than I will ever be - so I will begin!

The story opens with Dan, a man who is unhappy with the administration at his place of employment.  He is still in love with his wife, Mary, and actively participates in the homeschooling of his daughter, Annah.  Before the end of the day, he has lost his job.  He could never imagine just how much his life would be changed after falling asleep that night. Dan woke to chaos, and the world as he knew it had vanished.  What happened to all of the people? Were they the only survivors?
I did not read this book quickly - rather I savored it. I had to let each bit digest before I could continue, because I didn't want to miss anything.  I have never read a book quite like this one. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Bradford pear and redbud trees
Just beginning to bloom. 
Light breezes and sunshine - 
Screen doors to let air flow through. 

Birds chirping merrily - 
Singing a song for all.
Daffodils lift their heads
To the season's powerful call.

Hammocks strung and set in place,
Firepits shoveled and cleared, 
Freshly manicured lawns - 
Those are the sounds that I hear.

Newly cultivated earth
Prepared for sowing time.
Tomatoes and veggies - ready!
To plant them by the signs.

A pedicure with bright polish, 
Capris and shirts with short-sleeves, 
Add toe rings and flip-flops - 
This is what Spring means to me!

Linda Whitehead Humbert
4/1/2014 copyright